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The Institute of sport is part of a multimillion pound new development at the University of Bradton and is a joint venture between the University, the council and the professional sports clubs within the city. The institute boasts state of the art facilities and has recently been used as a venue for both Olympic and Commonwealth games training camps. There is a Sport Injury Clinic located within the institute that treats students, staff of the university as well as offering support and facilities to the wider back-room staff of the professional clubs. The Institute also hosts the Breathe Well Clinic and support group offering their services not only to the sporting community of Bradton but also the wider community.



Bradton Bears Logo

Bradton Bears Rugby League Club

AFC Bradton Logo 

Bradton Football Club

Bradton RocketsBradton Rockets Basketball club

Bradton & District Racquet Club





Bradton Swimming & Diving Club


Bradton Wheelers Cycling Club

Breathewell logo


The Breathe Well Clinic and support group


bradton Sport injury Clinic

**Coming Soon**



Lucy Potter

Tom Clayton

Robert Horwell

Michael Smith


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