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17/02/2016 **Dementia Awareness Materials added**

21/07/2014 **Sport content added**

18/09/2012 **Pharamacy content added***



Dementia Awareness

Click here for Dementia Awareness materials



These are real peoples experiences of

health and social care depicted by

simulated patients.


Click here for the characters of Bradton



Friends of Bradton

The friends of Bradton are real people

representing themselves within the community


Click here for the 'Friends of Bradton'







Patient Support Groups

Bradton contains the following patient/

support groups:

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Walking for Health
  • Expert Patient Group
  • Bradton Cancer Support
  • Bradton EXTEND Group
  • TransInclusion Bradton
  • SMILE Bradton
  • eMpowerMe Bradton


Click here for Bradton's patient support groups



Learning and Teaching Team Awards 2011

Highly Commended


Bradton has been nominated for a number of academic awards.


Click here to see awards and shortlisting related to the Bradton project.








Bradton has been the focus of numerous

e-learnng and service user conference presentations and publications.


Click here for publications related to the Bradton Project


Hospitals and Clinics

Bradton has two virtual hospitals including departments and clinics. This is where you will

find the virtual knee clinic.


Click here for hospital related content




Bradton has a housing association with

a lot of material regarding housing and

housing issues.


Click here for materials related to housing



Digital Stories

These are real peoples experiences of

health and social care depicted through the medium of digital stories.


Click here for our digital story Content


Work and Education


Click here for the University, its Institute of Health and Sport Institute

and it's Job Shop


**Coming Soon to Bradton**


Click here for Pharmacy related content



Click here for Sport related content

Dementia Awareness **New** 2016


Dementia Awareness materials



Click here for an index page of all the content in Bradton


Creative Commons License
Bradton by The University of Bradford is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.






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