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  • McKeown, M., Malihi-Shoja, L. & Downe, S. supporting The Comensus Writing Collective (2010). Service user and carer involvement in education for health and social care. Wiley-Blackwell


Published Abstracts

  • Hellawell M & Priestley J (2012) Bradton-Service User and carer Involvement in Developing a Virtual Community. Broadening Education Horizons- translating learning from a simulated to a work environment ASPIH Annual Conference Oxford. 
  • Priestley J, Hellawell M, Hinton J, Sharples R, Walkden B (2006) Promoting a patient centred approach in pre-practice education through the use of blended learning. Blended Learning. Promoting Dialogue in Innovation and Practice. University of Hertfordshire. Proceedings of the First Annual Blended Learning Conference. P.228.


Conference Presentations

  • Hellawell M, Priestley J & Steel, J (2012). Educating for Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement: Transitions and Transformation Building the Virtual Community of ‘Bradton’ Collaborative working with service users and carers to produce media rich interactive case scenarios. October, London South Bank University.
  • Hellawell M. Priestley J, E-learning and Service User Involvement. A symposium at the Festival of Learning, Health Sciences and Practice Subject Centre, Higher Education Academy. March 2007
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  • Hellawell M. Priestley J. Building `Bradton'; the collaborative development of a virtual community. LTA conference,. University of Bradford. July 2008 
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  • Priestley J, Mckeown M, Hellawell M. Virtual world actual experiences: working with service users and carers to develop the virtual town of Bradton. Developing Practice Conference. Glasgow Caledonian University. May 2008
  • Priestley J, Gosling J, Hellawell M. Bradton: Building the virtual town of Bradton: National Launch Event. University of Bradford. April 2008
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  • Walkden B Hellawell M, Hinton J, Priestley J. Blended learning in health care education. Sharing good practice. Quality Assurance Agency, Skills for Health Conference. London. March 2007

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