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Help Section




Software Required


Flash player for video and audio

Adobe Reader for transcripts


Navigating around Bradton


Use the hyper links or images found within bradton to find your way around. Characters can be accessed via their images in the sidebar (found on the right hand side of the standard screen. To increase the size of the main window you can click the small triangle in the upper right hand side of the window. this will temporaily remove the side bar until the reverse procedure is carried out.


Finding Content


There are three main ways to find content in Bradton.


  1. use the index
  2. use the search box
  3. use the icons



There is an index page helping you in identifying relevant content


Search Option

 There is a search option in the upper right hand of the screen this allows you to instantly search the site. On hitting enter a more in depth search option allows you to search content and search 'tags' - keywords that are attached to each page. Below is an image highlighting some of the navigation options.








There are various icons used to identify and group together materials of a similar type to find out more Click here


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